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Dad Spent 4 Months Making This Incredible 'Star Wars' Costume

Photograph by Instagram

The force was definitely with one dad who spent four months creating his kid's Halloween costume.

Clint Case recently posted a jaw-dropping video of his son dressed like Luke Skywalker riding a Tauntaun through the house, and viewers couldn't get enough of it. (Yes, that's two costumes in one that you see, folks.)

"I don't think this is real. Is it a small person in a costume? If not that is some crazy technology! The way it balances and turns is ridiculous!" one amazed commenter wrote. (Hint: Don't overthink it.)

Others even offered money for grown-up versions of the costume. (But, really, can we get one, too?)

Case, who is a leather artist and creates custom motorcycle equipment, constructed the completely handmade "Star Wars" costume with 11 glue sticks, two yards of fur and a goat mask. The result is pretty fantastic.

Be still, our hearts!

The whole family nailed it.

As for the rest of us who just have a few days to scrounge up a costume, remember: "Your focus determines your reality." But maybe ... start with a bed sheet.

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