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Girl Uses App to Be Kind to Classmate Who Doesn't Speak English

Photograph by ABC

In these heated and divided times, it's refreshing to hear about a 10-year-old girl bridging divides.

Amanda Moore from Temecula, Calif., noticed one of her new classmates at Paloma Elementary was sitting by himself. Though he couldn't speak English and Amanda didn't know Spanish, Amanda didn't let the language barrier stop her from reaching out.

Her family has hosted exchange students before and used the Google Translate app to communicate. So Amanda decided to use her smartphone app to do the same and write a letter to her classmate. It read, "Would you like to sit with me today? Look for me and I will show you where I sit. We can color or simply tell scary stories. Thank you for your time, signed Amanda."

"She walked over and gave it to him, and he stared at Amanda and then he opened it up and was trying to read it," Amanda's mom, Kimber Kinard, told ABC 7. "When he finished reading it, his eyes were welling up with tears and then Amanda's eyes were welling up with tears. And then the whole class stood up and applauded. He stood up and he hugged her."

We're tearing up now, too!

Amanda's example shows how important (and heartwarming) it is to raise kind kids. Parents can cultivate kindness and altruism through these three steps that are super easy to remember.

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