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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Daughter is Winning Halloween

Photograph by Instagram

How many potential costumes does a kiddo need for her first Halloween? Well, if your name is Luna Legend and your mom is Chrissy Teigen, at least four!

Teigen posted photos and video on Instagram this week with Luna showing off her costume options and they're too cute for words! And not only the photos, but as usual, Teigen's captions are also on point. As you might expect from a foodie mama, there are some food-related costumes involved.

Best of all, Teigen's fans are here for it. She admitted on Twitter that she might even have some more costumes ready to go! Fans egged her on over Twitter and even asked for more photos. If you can't get enough of Luna's adorable costumes, we'd suggest you stay tuned to Teigen's Twitter account over the next few days in case she decides to share some more!

Photograph by Twitter

Costume 1: A Hot Dog

We actually can't stop laughing at Luna's face in this one!

Costume 2: A Peacock

Costume 3: Minnie Mouse

Costume 4: A Banana

Which one is your favorite? They're all so good that it's hard to choose!

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