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President Obama is The Best Halloween Party Host The White House Has Ever Seen

President Obama isn't just the Commander-in-Chief; during his years in office, he's also proven to be the nation's Dad-in-Chief too.

From talking tenderly about his daughters and getting teary-eyed about high school graduation, to making dad jokes, Obama loves kids and they love him right back. And you can tell Obama was really enjoying his last Halloween in the White House. A little boy who came trick-or-treating at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue dressed as Prince even got a rendition of "Purple Rain" from the president himself.

Note to self: Dress my kid as Prince when I go trick-or-treating at the Obama's house next year.

And that wasn't the only adorable moment from the POTUS' Halloween celebration, either. Obama played along when he met a miniature Superman (the son of press secretary Josh Earnest).

He had zombies dancing to "Thriller" on the South Lawn, while he and Michelle watched.

And who could forget the adorable little elephant who visited the oval office in 2015? Yep, there's no denying it. The POTUS loves kids in costumes, just like the rest of us!

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