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Top 10 Classic Boy Names That Are Now Being Used for Girls

Photograph by Twenty20

Blake and Ryan; Kristen and Dax; Mila and Ashton: These three Hollywood power couples have bestowed classically boy names on their daughters—James, Lincoln and Wyatt, respectively—and they're not the only ones. Parents are now jumping on the "boy names as girl names" trend, which isn't quite the same as the already popular "unisex names" trend. Instead of more gender-neutral names like Alex or Bailey, this time, parents are choosing strongly historical boy names—like James and Jude—for their little girls.

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Here are the top 10 traditional boy names that were used for girls in the U.S. in 2015:

1. August

2. Spencer

3. Ezra

4. Tyler

5. Carson

6. Lincoln

7. Austin

8. Noah

9. Jude

10. Christian

While it's not huge numbers of girls being named these names—for instance, there were 242 girls named August in 2015—it's significantly more than it's ever been. There were even 18 baby girls named David last year!

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So if you're still stuck searching for that perfect name for your impending bundle of joy, considering looking across the gender aisle. It's also a cool way to name your daughter after a special family member without worrying about whether the genders "match."

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