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Zookeeper Posts Most Adorable Weekly Pregnancy Update Photos

Lots of moms love to follow along with pregnancy apps that tell them how big their baby is each week of their pregnancy. Most of the time, the size of the baby is compared to fruits and vegetables. But one mom decided to do it another way.

Jennifer Dew, a zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio and an expectant mom, has been posting a different kind of growth comparison on Instagram—comparing her baby’s size to animals at the zoo!

At 19 weeks, she used a rat to show the size of her baby.

At 22 weeks, the baby was the same size as a box turtle.

At 23 weeks, she compared her baby's size to an umbrella cockatoo.

At 24 weeks, an opossum.

At 26 weeks, she used a bushbaby.

At 27 weeks, her baby was the size of a shingleback skink.

At 28 weeks, her baby was the same weight as a blue and gold macaw.

At 29 weeks, her baby was the same size as a ball python that weighed 1,130 grams (about 2.5 pounds).

At 30 weeks, her baby was the size of an Indian star tortoise!

At 31 weeks, a ferret.

At 32 weeks, the baby was the size of a kinkajou.

At 33 weeks, her baby is the size of a striped skunk.

"Not only do I get excited to share details about our baby,” Dew told Today, "but I also get the opportunity to share some of the animals I love and care about from the zoo."

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