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This Couple Had the Biggest Gender Reveal Fail Ever

Planning a gender reveal isn't really rocket science. Hand over the sealed envelope from the doctor with the gender written inside. Have someone else prepare the prerequisite pink or blue balloons in a box. Invite all your loved ones over. Open the box and have everyone ooohs and ahhs over your impending baby girl or boy.

Well, parents-to-be Joe and Leela Krummel's gender reveal didn't go exactly as planned. After they had gathered all their family and friends for the big surprise, the couple eagerly opened the box, only to be surprised that there was no reveal. That's right. Instead, of pink or blue balloons flying, everyone was shocked to see a veritable rainbow of balloons coming out, signifying ... what exactly?

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Watch the couples' horrified reaction for yourself (Warning: there may be some NSFW language):

Mom-to-be Leela tells Today, “We were in disbelief when we saw the balloons ... I was trying not to cry." Husband Joe shares that they were also extra embarrassed since they'd gathered a large group of people for this big moment. Guests speculated that perhaps the party store employee misunderstood "gender reveal" as something related to LGBTQ, hence the rainbow balloons.

To break up the somber mood, one of the guests started laughing to break the tension and suggested that perhaps they had to pop the balloons to discover the gender hidden inside. Unfortunately, the helpful guest was wrong. So Joe started digging around in the box hoping the confused party store employee at least left the envelope from the doctor in there. Luckily, they had.

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So the couple's friends and families rallied together using balloons the couple had used to decorate the house for the occasion and re-did the gender reveal for Joe and Leela.

“Our friends knew the baby’s gender before we did!" Joe laughs.

And this time they got it right. The color of the balloons that flew out of box number two? Blue. It's a boy! Congrats to the happy parents-to-be (finally)!

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