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Kid's Proposal Has Us in Tears

Photograph by Youtube

We've all seen those cute, heartfelt, even hilarious proposal videos, but this one is like no other.

When Millie said she got a proposal at school and brought the ring home, her parents were surprised to find a real diamond ring with three diamonds instead of one of those sweet Haribo rings.

The dad recounted the whole thing all deadpan in a video, which currently has more than 66,000 views on YouTube. He asked Millie for the boy's name (Tommy) and deduced that Tommy probably stole the diamond ring from his mother. Someone's been taking Beyoncé's words super seriously!

Meanwhile, the mom continued to laugh hysterically behind the camera. We don't know what we love more, the surprise ring or the mom's contagious laughter.

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Dad was a good sport and gave the green light at the end, adding, "Go on, then, Tommy."

So Tommy definitely rocked it. Let's just hope his mom is just as forgiving.

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