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Netflix Now Offers Total Game-Changer for Traveling Families

Photograph by Twenty20

You know you've been there: You're on a plane or in a car with your kids for way too long and need to entertain them. Desperate to keep them quiet for the other passengers, you whip out your iPad only to realize THERE IS NO WI-FI and you can't show your kids any of the shows that could possible keep them quiet. Your heart falls to the pit of your stomach as you realize your entire flight is doomed.

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Enter Netflix, the holiday savior to traveling parents everywhere, and their brand-spanking-new "Download and watch later" feature. The popular streaming service has just announced that customers can now simply click the "Download" button on the page of the show they want to save and can watch it anytime, anywhere even without internet connection.

That's right, your toddler could be watching 4 uninterrupted hours of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" on the plane—free of charge.

*Cue the angels singing*

This amazing new feature is included free of charge in all of Netflix's plans, and you can start using it today. Just make sure that you've updated your Netflix app to the most recent version.

So what are you waiting for? Go run and stock up on those shows ASAP!

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