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This Grandfather's Drawings for His Grandkids Will Make You Cry

Photograph by Facebook

Ji Lee, a designer who lives in New York, recently posted a “an Instagram love story” video on Facebook about how he finally convinced his 75-year-old father to open an Instagram account—and it is one of the best freakin’ love stories EVER!

Basically, it goes like this: Chan Jae is a 75-year-old retired Korean man who lives in Brazil. His son describes him as “a grumpy old man.” Despite that, he's a doting grandfather who loved driving his grandchildren, Arthur and Allan, to school—right up until his daughter and her husband moved back to Korea with the kids.

After his grandkids moved, Chan Jae found himself with nothing much to do. His family got worried because all he did was watch Korean TV. That’s when Ji Lee remember that when he was a child, his dad used to draw pictures for him. So, he came up with this idea that his dad should draw again and post his drawings on Instagram. Chan Jae was not too enthusiastic about his son’s idea; he didn’t see the point and he didn’t much care to learn how to use Instagram.

Fast-forward to Ji Lee having baby boy named Astro. Chan Jae and his wife flew to New York to meet the baby and, of course, Grandpa fell in love. After a talk around the dinner table, when Chan Jae mentioned that he would not be around to see Astro as an adult, Ji Lee felt all kinds of awful, thinking about his father’s mortality. So he suggested that his father start drawing for his grandchildren.

And that’s how "Drawings for My Grandchildren" on Instagram was born. The bio on the account reads, “I'm a 75 y/o grandpa living in Brazil. My 3 grandkids live in Korea & NY. I learned Instagram to draw every day for them. Grandma writes the stories.”

And the drawings—oh my goodness, the drawings!

This one is of Astro sleeping.

Here’s one of Arthur.

And Alan.

There are also gems like this one. Read the caption by Grandma; it's as beautiful as the artwork.

And this one.

And Grandpa and Grandma also let the grandkids know what they believe in.

Every day, Chan Jae draws a picture for his grandchildren. The drawings will live on after he's gone—a testament to the love he has for his grandkids. Is this not the most beautiful gift that a grandfather could leave to his grandchildren?

Check out the now-viral video that Ji Lee posted on Facebook.

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