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Animal-Loving Mom Plays Most Amazing Prank Ever on Her Husband

An Oregon mom gave her husband a heart-attack moment when she played a hilarious prank on him: She let him think she brought a stray coyote into their home while he was at work.

Kayla Eby orchestrated a prank so good, it’s worthy of an award. In fact, the couple often likes to play pranks on each other. So she did what any prank-loving wife would do: She found a photo of a coyote and asked her friends with Photoshop to help her out.

As of Dec. 2, nearly 280,000 people have since shared the screenshots she posted on Facebook of the epic joke. Kayla apparently has a soft spot for stray animals—there was apparently an incident once where she brought home four ferrets—but she really took this one to the limit.

Before you continue reading, let us say that we can't be held responsible for spitting coffee or wine on your phone or computer screen from laughing so darn hard that it hurts. Now that that's out of the way, here's what happened.

Kayla sent her husband, Justin, a text with a photo of little coyote curled up on their couch and, well, just see for yourself. He totally freaks out.

Photograph by Facebook

As if that wasn't enough to get his goat, she proceeded to ask if she could keep the coyote, to which Justin replied, "DIVORCE. Just kidding. But no. That thing better be outside before I get home. I swear to god, woman. You are another level of crazy."

She reminds Justin that they had talked about getting a dog for Christmas, and maybe this is a sign they should keep the coyote. Then she sent him this photo to really throw him over the edge.

Photograph by Facebook

If you think THAT'S too much, wait until you read the rest! She kept going and going, all the way until her husband says he's going to come home to save them from the coyote.

You can see all the texts for yourself here in all their savagery:

Kayla, if you're out there reading, we'd like to buy you a drink for pulling this one off!

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