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Baby Name Trends for 2017 That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Photograph by Twenty20

The baby-naming trends for 2017 as predicted by the editors of Nameberry are in! Get ready to scratch your head at some of them, because who would name their kid that?

The baby name trends can be broken down into the following 12 categories:

1. Powerful Names

In 2016, parents looking for powerful names chose Royal, Saint and Kylo. Next year, those names will seem rather tame, as parents look to deities and mythology for names like Thor, Persephone, Odin, Freya, Jupiter, Luna, Atlas, Clio, Orion, Morrigan, Pandora and—of course—Zeus.

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It won’t stop there though. Nope, parents in 2017 will be naming their kids God. Yes, as in “meet my baby, God.” In 2015, five boys were registered as being named God. Expect that number to go up to the heavens next year (bad joke intended) as well as Yahweh, Lord, Savior, Goddess and Messiah. Last year alone, there were more that 1,500 babies named Messiah.

But get this, Lucifer is going to trend too. Yikes. In that case, why not Diablo, Demon or Beelzebub?

2. Literary Names

Naming a baby after a character in literature is a time-honored tradition that will continue to go strong. Among the favorites are Eloise, Maisie, Sawyer, Matilda, Ramona, Fern, Alice and Holden. Lovers of Shakespeare may choose Juliet, Romeo, Cordelia, Ophelia, Cassio, Orlando and Puck. Babies will also be named with authors' surnames like Austen, Bronte, Poe, Wilde and Angelou.

3. Inspirational Names

Dream, Justice, True, Grace, Pax, Bodhi, Zen, Mercy and Patience will be among the top inspirational name choices.

4. Feminist Heroine Names

According to Nameberry, parents are naming their baby girls and boys after famous feminists. Think along the lines of Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), Ada (Lovelace), Simone (de Beauvoir and Biles), Emmeline (Pankhurst), Bell (Hooks), Eleanor (Roosevelt), Rosa (Parks), Vita (Sackville-West), Zelda and Fitzgerald, Georgia and O’Keefe, Frida and Kahlo, Sojourner and Truth.

5. Big O Names

The letter O is in! O is for: Olivia, Olive, Ophelia, Octavia, Olympia, Oakley, Oona, Oliver, Owen, Oscar, Orson, Otis, Omar, Otto, Orlando, Oberon, Osias, Osiris, Osmond and Oz.

6. Preppy Names

Prepsters will be represented. Get ready for play group dates with babies named Brooks, Hayes, Briggs, Yates, Ames, Oakes, Niles, Collins, Anderson, Winston, Remington, Kensington, Montgomery, Whitaker and Winchester.

7. 'Downton Abbey' Names

"Downton Abbey" is no longer in production, but parents are producing babies who will be named Cora, Violet, Sybil, Rosamund, Edith, Isobel, Daisy, Elsei, Marigold and good ol’ Mary.

8. Red State Names

Folks in Red States will be popping out babies named Blakely, Brylee, Kennedi, Kyleigh, Leila, Londyn, Journee, Kaso, Cason, Braylen, Chandler, Gunner and Lawson.

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9. Beastly Names

Clawing their way up to the top will be animal names. Get ready to meet babies named Bear, Fox, Wolf, Lionel (it means "young lion"), Lynx, Tiger, Falcon, Hawk, Jaguar, Puma and Python.

10. Aquatic Names

Water referencing names are about to flood the nation. Aqua, Arno, Bay, Bayou, Caspian, Delta, Ford, Harbor, Hudson, Lake, Marin/Marina, Nile, Ocean/Oceane, Rio, Brook, River will pay direct tribute to water, whereas other trending name like Tallulah (which means "leaping water"), Mira (means "sea/ocean") and Kai (means "ocean/ocean water") will have the water references hidden in their meaning.

11. Ellie and Addie Names

Many parents pick names by starting out with a nickname they would like to call their child and then working backwards. Lots of people are into Ellie and Addie, which means there will be many occurrences of Ella, Eleanor, Eliana, Elena, Elise, Eliza, Addison, Adalynn, Adalyn, Adeline, Adelyn, Adelaide and Adelynn. Interesting that people don’t simply name their child Ellie or Addie to begin with, right?

12. Anything-Goes Names

Parents are going to continue to get creative with name choices. Nouns, adjectives, verbs, places, things and who knows what will pop up on birth certificates across the nation. How about Abacus, Barbados (could be Barb for short?), Ferocious, Iguana (could be Iggy for short), Verdict or Stamina?

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