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Amazon's Newest Service is Going to Be a Lifesaver for Parents

Photograph by Twenty20

You’re shopping the produce section of the grocery store. You’ve stocked the front of the cart with toys, a sippy cup and a bag of Cheerios. A little prayer said and a resolve to make this quick. You clutch your list in one hand and make the doll dance across the cart bars to your baby’s delight.

You’re in the condiment section (why can’t you find the damn teriyaki sauce?!) when it happens. Your baby lets out a scream that could blast the olive oil bottles to shards. As you race though the rest of your list, your baby has decided being strapped to a cart is not cool and proceeds to invite looks of concern from every passerby with her impressive shrieks.

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What’s the one thing that can make this event worse?

Pulling into the one open check-out line five deep with senior citizens clutching checkbooks. Hey, let’s be honest, a line of checkbook-wielding seniors even without your children in tow is enough to bring on a headache.

That's right, moms. NO. LINES.

Cue Amazon. If you’re like me, Amazon is pretty much on par with Target, am I right? With their Prime membership and the introduction of Prime Now, with delivery to your home in two hours, it can’t get much more convenient than that. But if you're like me and still need to get out of the house once in a while—you know, for sanity's sake—you'll also be crazy excited about Amazon's recent announcement revealing their newest mom lifesaver, Amazon Go.

According to the forward-thinking company, "Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required." Basically Amazon is expanding their storefronts to include a grocery store, using state-of-the-art technology to let its members to walk in, grab what they need and, well, go. Say, what?!

Their "Just Walk Out" technology will automatically sense when products are removed (or put back) on a shelf and keep track of what you're picking up and taking through a virtual cart via your Amazon Go app. When you're done, you can simply leave the store with your merchandise without ever waiting in line.

That's right, moms. NO. LINES.

Soon after you leave, the app will charge your Amazon account and send you a virtual receipt. Pretty cool, right?

Amazon hasn’t yet said how this new concept of a grab-and-go store will prevent shoplifting. And if alcohol is available in the stores, they haven't decided how they'll handle checking identification. But it’s a start and I can’t wait to see how this idea unfolds.

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The bad news is there's currently only one small pilot store is located in Seattle and it's only open for Amazon employees. They haven’t said what their plans are for expanding and details are still being worked out, but this idea is already brilliant in my book and I can't wait until they open one near me.

Let’s be honest, my child will probably still scream bloody murder in the grocery store, but if I had the option to avoid checkout lines, I'd be all over it. Maybe with baby number two, I'll have the ability to practice my speed shopping with a grand finale of whipping out the exit doors at breakneck speed to my car, with not a single opened checkbook in sight.

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