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A Kindergarten Teacher Goes High in the Best Way

Editor's note: Kindergarten teacher Jia Howard, pictured in a black dress below with her wife, is a mom of two and lives in Arizona. We came across her Facebook post on Pantsuit Nation and reached out to for permission to republish. Her response? "This response is incredible! Unexpected and amazing! You may absolutely repost it! Thank you for asking!"

Hello, my name is Faggy Dyke.

Let me back up and explain.

You see, today I got to experience my first "official" introduction to Trump's America. Also known as the next 4 years of my life.

As per my normal routine, I dropped off the kids and headed over to the neighborhood doughnut and coffee shop. As I was pulling into the parking lot, a car sped past me to get the spot I was headed to. No big deal. I gestured, "Go ahead. You're obviously in more hurry than I am." Again, no big deal. I had extra time.

As I walked in, the woman who cut me off was ahead of me in line. Donning her very patriotic shirt AND matching earrings. The cashier made small talk and asked her how her morning was. Her response took me by surprise. "It was going well, until that (looking at me) faggy dyke cut me off."

Now of course, 4200 thoughts ran through my mind. Mostly resulting in her in a hospital and me in jail. Not a good plan. I was more shocked because normally people don't look at me and think "gay." I didn't feel any more gay this morning when I got dressed. So I'm not sure what gave her the idea.

Either way, it was shocking.

While plotting her demise, a small voice reminded me, "When they go low, we go high." So I cut her off (intentionally in line) and said to the cashier, "Please ring me up for my usual and pay for her order as well."

I then turned to the lady and told her to enjoy her order on behalf all the "faggy dykes" in the world, and to have a sparkly day. I WISH I had a pocket full of glitter to toss in the air as I walked away.

Welcome to our new country, folks.

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