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Oliva Wilde Calls BS on a Breast Pump Ad and Moms Go Wild

Last winter, Olivia Wilde was on the interwebs doing some Christmas shopping when she just had to stop to call bullshit on an ad for a breast pump bra. The 32-year-old mother of two is no stranger to breastfeeding, and actually owns the bra in the ad she was calling out (and thinks the bra is "awesome,” for the record).

What she was calling out was the choice of model in the ad because in her words, “this lady definitely did not recently birth a child who requires breastmilk to be pumped.”

Now, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch over Wilde body-shaming the model in the ad, that’s NOT at all what she’s doing. She even takes the time to “give a quick cyber hug to this model who had to pretend to have recently birthed a milk-fed baby-child when she clearly has spent the last year lifting tiny weights and meditating.”

Take a look for yourself.

Let’s be honest, the model in the ad does look too serene and rested to be taken as someone who recently gave birth and is in the throes of late night feedings, sleep deprivation, diaper changes and pumping multiple times a day. A lot of ads marketed to soon-to-be mothers or new mothers feature models that are hard to relate to. I mean, there should be a law that only pregnant women can appear in maternity clothing ads because get out of here if you aren’t pregnant and don't know the struggle.

Wilde also went on to call out Amazon for always pushing breast pump ads her way when she’s no longer in the market. For real though, Amazon will keep trying to sell you the same dang things if you don’t clear out your cache, and what mom has time to do that?

For the most part, Wilde’s mini-rant was met with a lot of LOLs and “love everything about this” kind of comments, but there were also not so favorable reactions.

One person commented, “No doubt this is THE best pump bra on the market! But what's up with this absurd notion that the model is not an appropriate representation of a breastfeeding mom? I pumped and used this bra for a year after birthing each of my ‘tiny humans’ and can say it's innovations like this bra and other modern mama products that helped me be a mom AND be me ... not a hot mess.”

Really?! Relax a minute, there. Nowhere in Wilde’s post does she body-shame the model and say that moms can’t be thin and fit. Just take a look at Olivia Wilde herself, she's slim and fit and probably looked amazing three days after giving birth. She also probably exhibited some signs of exhaustion and looked a tiny bit delirious.

Yes, ads tend to go aspirational so realism be damned, but why can’t we call bullshit when we’re not buying the aspiration they're selling because we’ve lived the reality of it? I, for one, find it refreshing that Wilde treated the entire internet like a girlfriend and shared what she was really thinking without bashing the woman in the ad at all.

With more than 21,700 likes and more than 1,000 comments, clearly Wilde’s commentary struck a chord.

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