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Twin Saves Brother From Fallen Dresser [Video]

Photograph by Youtube

Video baby monitors are a common request on baby registries, but for one Orem, Utah, family, theirs gave them a peek into a truly terrifying incident—one that could have gone so, so wrong.

When Kayli and Rick Schoff woke up, they noticed their 2-year-old twin sons' heavy dresser was on the floor. But the boys, Bowdy and Brock, were happily playing and in no distress. So Mom and Dad checked back over camera footage from their baby monitor to figure out how the dresser wound up on the floor.

What they saw horrified them.

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The footage shows that the boys were being typical toddlers. Things went downhill in a hurry when they tried to scale the heavy piece of furniture, which quickly toppled over and trapped Brock beneath its immense weight.

Bowdy wasn't trapped. After a moment of thought, he sprung into action. Bowdy first tried to push the dresser off his brother from one side and then from the other. But it wouldn't budge. The whole time, you can see the other twin screaming from his precarious position beneath the dresser.

Bowdy then tries to get enough leverage to lift the dresser up. No dice. He gives pushing another whirl, which finally allows his brother to wiggle out.

Incredibly, neither twin was harmed in the accident. Their parents were, of course, terrified to see what actually transpired—and what could have easily happened. ABC News reports that once the Schoffs saw the video, they immediately bolted the dresser to the wall.

They are also imploring all parents to do the same. They released the video in hopes of raising awareness of the danger that lurks in children's bedrooms.

The dresser in question is an IKEA dresser, and the company has been in the news within the last year for several deaths related to tip-overs (although those dealt with a different model).

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The take away? No matter what brand of furntiure in a child's home, parents should take steps to secure them to the wall. What could happen is too tragic.

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