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Grandparents Overreact to 'Lewd' Message on Bath Set

Talk about a Christmas present gone wrong.

Doting grandparents Richard and Tracey Shiner of the UK gifted their 8-year-old granddaughter with a nice set of fancy bath goodies from their local LUSH retailer, but were livid after they decided to read the "instructions" out loud on Christmas night.

Their problem? This:

"HOW TO USE: If you really don’t know how to use this, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate."

According to The Sun, this immediately embarrassed the grandparents, who not only called the store to to express their displeasure, but took their complaint to the media. They said the set they purchased (dubbed "Little Snow Fairy") seemed like it was targeted for children. They also mentioned they didn't know how to explain the kooky instructions, and that the product should have been marked for adults only.

Yes, seriously.

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Shiner tells The Sun that he told a LUSH customer service manager that "Innuendo amongst adults is fine, but when you’ve got to explain to an eight-year-old what it means, I think that’s wrong." The manager, perhaps in an effort to use some logic, tried to point out that the messaging is "tongue-in-cheek."

Sure, everyone is entitled to their own feelings of discomfort and offense, and I think policing what other people feel is pretty rude, but I suspect Grandma and Grandpa are overthinking this a bit.

Instead of getting embarrassed and fumbling over their chosen explanation (they said that it meant she could shower with her brother), they might have instead said it meant she could ask her mom or dad for help. It's really not that hard. Yes, it's likely that the gel instructions are intended for adults, but that doesn't mean you have to interpret it that way. Now their granddaughter probably thinks her shower gel is weird and likely has a complex about it.

Also, it should be noted these instructions aren't unique to this particular item. Many of the other items from LUSH have similar notes, such as, "Get naked, hop in the shower and lather up." They also have products called Sex Bomb, Sex in the Shower, and Sexy Peel, so a frequent shopper at the store—which Grandma claims to be—should be familiar with some of the themes, and thus might read the labels fully or avoid the shop altogether when shopping for a gift for a young child.

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Basically it seems they made a mountain out of a molehill, and a really tiny molehill at that. If the product had displayed literal descriptions or drawings of people in sexual situations, I could understand their outrage and their claim that the message was indeed "lewd", but this small print of a silly sentence shouldn't be the cause of so much fuss.

I mean, don't they have better things to worry about?

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Photographs by: Richard Shiner/The Sun

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