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These Amazing Brelfies Are a Thing And Giving Us Life

Photograph by Instagram

The "Tree of Life" brelfie is the latest trend in a series of viral breastfeeding selfies on social media.

This dramatic photo editor allows nursing mothers to upload their most memorable images and transform them into extraordinary works-of-art. Designed by the makers of the PicsArt app, the clipart package consists of a transparent tree with roots that is overlaid onto a photograph and manipulated into perfection. In addition to the artistic bloodline, the filter offers hundreds of blending modes and special effects that promise to deliver stunning results.

It is a romantic version of the brelfie and the world has fallen in love

1. Cassandra (keeponboobin) says she was the originator of this PicsArt trend. She has edited more than 700 photos for lots and lots of moms.

2. Rachel (@not_thatgreengirl23) shared her pregnancy memory on Instagram. Amazing.

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Brelfies have been a thing for a couple of years and started when nursing mothers were asked to cover up or move to quieter locations when feeding their children in public. When supermodel Giselle Bundchen and pop singer Gwen Stefani decided to post pictures of themselves breastfeeding on Instagram, moms everywhere quickly followed suit and the #brelfie became a movement.

3. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) chimed in on the movement with her gorgeousness and beautiful choice of imagery.

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Brelfies arent' just a way for moms to express themselves, they're an important way for mothers to normalize public nursing—and cash in on a little respect. The original brelfies generated both positive and negative comments, Tree of Life ones? No one's complaining.

4. Here's another cool one. MeLisa (@mel_loose_arrow) shared this moment with a mom-thug warning for viewers: "This photo captures it all and makes my heart so full ❤️ Oh and if this photo grosses you out, kindly get the f*ck off my IG #breastfeedingtwins #mamasmilk #breastfeeding #fedisbest #twinmom

5. Another one that draws you in is Dani Nicole Pizzuti's (@dani_pizzuti) tattooed piece. The coloring is fantastic, and her bio lets you know she doesn't play games: No one is your equal because you're the queen of pain.

6. Nothing to see here, folks—except an adorable baby with giant peepers, courtesy of Laura Kidd (@kidds.wildandfree) on Instagram.

7. This one, from Lucinda (@langnlulu) on Instagram offers a quick apology to friends for freaking them out with a random boob-shot. No need, Lucinda. It's a beautiful reminder of what motherhood is all about.

8. Jennifer Dean (@MrsDean1973) shared one with a sleeping angel and pastel twist.

9. And last, but not least, Sarah Bruce (@asciencenerd) posted one that is guaranteed to make you look twice. Using the PicsArt app, she took the brelfie to a whole new level while sharing her memory of a home water birth.

No matter what your take is on nursing in public, it is hard to deny the imaginative allure that is the Tree of Life brelfie. Here's some info on how to design your own.

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