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No More False Alarms! Device Gives Worried Pregnant Moms a Second Opinion

Photograph by Instagram

You know the pregnancy struggle is real when Google is your best friend. The panicked searches just keep coming: Am I eating enough for me and Baby? Why are my feet swelling? Are my contractions normal?!

One device is trying to ease those fears (at least some of it). Bloomlife, a wearable sensor that sits on expecting moms’ bellies, claims to help users determine if the sensations they’re feeling are normal abdominal pains, natural contractions or something more serious.

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Instead of using ultrasound and Doppler, the gadget picks up electric signals from the uterine muscle and automatically measures, counts and times contractions. This data can be viewed in the companion smartphone app in real-time and helps determine what’s normal for the user.

Bloomlife also hopes that the collected data (if moms choose to contribute) can help improve maternal and fetal health in a field long overdue for advancements in technology.

A few caveats: Bloomlife’s gadget is not an FDA-certified medical device yet, but it has been tested for almost a year and is clinically validated. The service works as a rental basis, which means you won’t have to figure out what to do with it after pregnancy! But it can also cost a pretty penny, especially during the already expensive pregnancy days, at $149 for the first month, $100 for the second month and $50 for subsequent months. And if you’re already the type to obsess over everything (think the Orwellian feel of baby monitors), the extent of available data in your hand might give you anything but peace of mind.

But hey, if it can give moms back some feeling of control over their bodies and save unnecessary trips to the hospital (goodbye false alarms!) the costs just might be worth it.

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Now if someone could just guarantee moms won’t accidentally pee from laughing postpartum, that would be great, thanks.

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