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Kid Learns to Spell Thanks to Hit Song From 2004

Photograph by Twenty20

You know how people are always telling aspiring artists that they should have a backup career? Well, if the whole singer, pop star, fashion designer and sometime-coach on “The Voice” thing doesn’t work out for Gwen Stefani, she would make a helluva spelling teacher. She’s even got experience.

Turns out that Stefani has been unknowingly moonlighting as a spelling tutor for a 5-year-old boy named Max. He started kindergarten this year and thanks to Stefani’s 2004 popular and contagious song “Hollaback Girl,” he can now spell “bananas.”

Max’s mom, Norah, posted a video of the undeniably adorable Max rhythmically spelling out B-A-N-A-N-A-S and it’s quite clear that the credit for learning how to spell his first world goes to Stefani on replay.

Norah has been feeding Max’s ears a steady diet of Stefani tunes, as she's a super-fan of the singer and mom of three.

"'Hollaback Girl' is by far his favorite song," she told Mashable.

"We practice his writing every night and one day he just started writing 'bananas' all by himself and when I asked how he knew that he said it was just like in 'Hollaback Girl,'" Norah explained.

It’s a good thing that Stefani didn’t spell out the s-word, which is also prominently featured in the song ... because that wouldn't be an appropriate first word.

And now for Max and his amazing “BANANAS” trick!

Attention Gwen Stefani: Here's your free million-dollar idea. Put out a spelling album for kids that sounds like the music you already make (without the curse words, though) and moms everywhere will buy it.

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