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Girl Asked for a Sister and Ended Up Finding Her Long-Lost Twin

Ten-year-old Audrey Doering's Christmas wish had come true. But it was nothing like she had ever imagined.

After she asked her parents for a sister, her mom, Jennifer Doering, decided to find out a bit more about her daughter's past. Through a researcher in China, Doering found a photo of her daughter on the knee of her Chinese foster mom. But on the other knee was another baby who looked just like Audrey.

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"As soon as I had that picture, I was desperate to find out ... who that other child was," Doering told "Good Morning America."

Turns out, Audrey had a twin. Both were adopted from China and brought to the U.S.: Audrey to Wisconsin and her twin, Gracie Rainsberry, to Washington.

I felt like there was something missing, so now it's complete.

Doering was able to find Gracie's mom, Nicole Rainsberry, through Facebook.

"It was so crazy to be looking at what looked like Gracie, but knowing that it wasn't Gracie," Rainsberry said.

The twins have since video chatted and the two families have learned about some pretty uncanny similarities.

"I mean, everything was the same: the same hair, the same glasses, the same outfits," Doering added.

The twins also shared a love of chicken alfredo and mac 'n' cheese, and are the fourth children in their families. Doery had three boys but felt like the family wasn't complete, so she decided to go through adoption. Rainsberry, too, after having a surprise third child, decided to have a fourth through adoption.

The sisters also suffered heart conditions. Since adoption, Gracie has had two heart surgeries and Audrey had one.

And if all of those commonalities weren't proof enough, the girls got a DNA test that proved they were a 100 percent match—as identical as identical twins can be!

It's hard not to get choked up watching them embrace for the first time in tears on "GMA." There wasn't a dry eye in the studio.

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"I felt like there was something missing, so now it's complete," Audrey said.

Watch the incredible moment below.

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Photographs by: The Doering Family, The Rainsberry Famil, Good Morning America

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