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Heroic Grandpa Saves Toddler From Attempted Kidnapping

Photograph by Twenty20

A dramatic rescue straight out of the movies happened in Northern California when a grandfather saved his 3-year-old granddaughter from getting kidnapped.

The grandpa, who was not identified, came to the rescue of the toddler in his care by physically pulling her from a kidnapper's grip and saving the little girl from a terrifying fate.

According to authorities, the grandfather was spending a lovely Saturday afternoon at a park in Auburn, Calif., not far from Sacramento. He had taken his two grandchildren to play there, as surely he had done in the past. The picture-perfect afternoon, however, was promptly ruined when 28-year-old Lindsay Frasher approached the 3-year-old and tried to snag her away while the three of them were at the duck pond.

A family activity that's supposed to be fun turned into a nightmare for the grandfather who, thankfully being right beside his granddaughter at the exact right time, was able to wrap his arms around the child and hold on to her, according to police.

"There was basically a tug-of-war over the granddaughter," Auburn Police Department Sergeant Gary Hopping told The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, while the grandfather and Frasher fought over the toddler, bystanders at the park were able to jump in and help him. After the harrowing scene unfolded near Auburn Ravine Road, the bystanders also detained Frasher until police arrived on the scene.

At about 1:45 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Auburn police arrived and, after an investigation, determined that Lindsay Frasher had "attempted to physically take the female child away from a family member," they wrote in a statement. Furthermore, they wrote that "Frasher was not known to the family or family members involved. Frasher was not believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident."

The woman in question was arrested and charged with kidnapping, and is currently being held in county jail on $210,000 bail. Police said that it is not clear if she suffers from a mental illness.

"If you take somebody and move them—no matter how slight—it is kidnapping," Sergeant Hopping told the Post.

The silver lining, Hopping said—aside from the fact that the toddler was unharmed—is that bystanders stepped in to prevent the kidnapper from getting away.

"What’s important is that citizens got involved and helped the grandfather," he said. "To me, that’s just invaluable."

And so, as they say: If you see something, do something.

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