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Father Of Maybelline's First Male Model Smashes Hater

Photograph by Instagram

Maybelline took a giant step forward in the beauty industry last month when they announced their first-ever male spokesperson, 25-year-old beauty vlogger, Manny Gutierrez (a.k.a. Manny MUA).

Not everyone was enthusiastic about the beauty company's decision to hire a greasepainted man, and it didn't take long for the haters to hate.

Opinionated Christian columnist, Matt Walsh, tweeted a headshot of Gutierrez donning a fur coat, dark lipstick and heavily made-up eyes with a statement questioning his upbringing. Manny MUA shared the tweet on Instagram, along with his response.

Manny pretty much clarifies just how "there" his own father is. When news of Walsh's tweet reached Manny's father. And Dad? Well, he went there. Manny MUA approved.

Here's a bit of the exchange:

In a text message to his son, asking that he share it on all of his social media platforms, Manny Sr. sends a powerful message to Matt Walsh.

"Mr. Walsh, this is Manny Sr.,” he opened. "Let me first begin by telling you that I’ve always been there for my son and will ALWAYS be there for him. Not only am I proud of what he has accomplished but I’m more proud of the person he has become. I know the words you speak are from lack of knowing anybody from the LGBT community. If you did, you would soon realize they are some of the most real and kindhearted individuals that walk this planet of ours."

Dad Manny ended with a warning and an elegant touch of class.

“Going forward, I would choose your actions and words wisely. Just like you would do anything for your family, I would do [anything] for mine. Good day Sir."

Matt Walsh, and other like him, thrive on tormenting others—odd for a self-proclaimed Christian but there you go.

Shallow words, like Walsh's domineering tweets, are everything that is wrong with society. While Twitter has made it easy for people to send messages of hate to people they've never met in 140 characters or less, the platform is also open to others who share messages of support.

You tell him, Scott.

And why wouldn't his father be proud?

Nailed it.

That's a good question.

Yes, Matt, why IS that?

True Story.

Preach it, sister!

Maybe I saw Blades of Glory one too many times, but I think she has a point.

Manny's father's diplomatic approach in responding to Walsh is a pretty clear sign of the morality and character of the Gutierrez family. Walsh's tweets, equally show that no good will ever come from hatred and discrimination.

When push comes to shove, those on Twitter who aren't afraid to stand up to a bully will unite and retaliate, as was the case with Manny Gutierrez. It will continue to be the case for future victims until Walsh and his type get on board, because let's see you get your eyeliner winged like that.

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