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The Possibly Sad and Serious Matter Behind the #FreeMelania Meme

Photograph by Instagram

Donald Trump gave "swearing-in" new meaning when he addressed his wife during the inauguration on Friday, January 20. Everyone wants to know what Trump said to his wife that caused her face to drop.

Melania, 46, smiled and nodded in agreement as she and her husband exchanged a not-so-private moment during the ceremony. But the second he turned his back on her, the former Slovene-American model's face slowly collapsed, and her eyes fell to the ground in a dramatic display of anguish.

No matter which side of the poll you reside, it is impossible to watch this video and deny the distress that our new First Lady is under.

Though some believe that Melania's facial regression is part of a greater commitment to (later) absolve her from the marriage, others argue that her withdrawal is a red flag of an abusive relationship. Still others thing, "eh, she's not excited about her new role."

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In any case, folks have climbed out of the social media woodwork to show their support.

In an effort to "free Melania" from the golden handcuffs of a presidential marriage, online socialites are speaking out with hashtags, concern—and hint of sarcasm.

Just give us a sign.


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This is what “reality setting in” is like.



It’s true: Money CAN’T buy happiness.


😂😂😂 But I feel sorry for #melaniatrump #obama #trump

What was really in that Tiffany box?


I just can't deal with the internet sometimes 😩😂😂😂😂

Good question.

The moment of truth.

So much for the late night dance off, Donald.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Does he? IS he? Only they know for sure.

Playing devil’s advocate on Twitter.

It might be time to break out that Singer, Melania.

Why not show your support on a raglan T-shirt?


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Whether you voted for Trump or not, the trepidation on his wife's face speaks volumes—maybe about the relationship, maybe about the sudden role change, maybe about the direction of the country. Melania's not the only one who's horrified.

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It is far too easy to make light of celebrity misfortune, but where do we draw the line? Emotional abuse is rarely proven, or even acknowledged, in a court of law. Yet so many women experience it in their lifetime.

And, though it may not leave visible abrasions on the body, the severity of internal scarring is permanent. Whether you admire or loathe our new president makes no difference, but his narcissistic and bullying approach to life is undeniable and should be taken into consideration when it comes down to the safety of another human being. Maybe a lot of human beings.

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