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This Struggling Mom's Note to a Bathroom Stranger Will Make You Cry

Photograph by Twenty20

Every mom has been there: You're away from home, your kid is deep in the potty-training months and you make a bathroom stop.

Your kid, who hasn't peed for the past five hours, absolutely refuses to go.

Why? Because public toilets are scary. Especially the auto-flushers.

Tiffany Miller was about an hour and a half from home, when she made a potty stop at a Salina, Kansas, McDonald's. In the stall with her 3-year-old, as she was doing all the begging and deal-making moms have to do, someone was listening in.

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Miller's daughter was worried about safety because of the loud, auto-flushing toilets and her mom assured her she'd be safe. She said she'd cover the sensor so it wouldn't flush, but her daughter still wasn't up for it.

So a stranger stepped in to help.

Miller wrote a Facebook post to the stranger:

"You told her you would give her a bracelet if she would go potty for Mommy. She perked up and agreed. I turned to quickly put her on the potty (before she changed her mind). You told her the bracelet would be waiting outside the stall for her. I turned to say thank you, but you were already gone. Outside the stall was a bracelet and a mini Snickers bar."

The family made it home—dry!—and her daughter woke up still wearing the bracelet.

Photograph by Facebook

Miller's grateful post to the stranger who helped has been shared more than 7,000 times, has a string of comments and more than 20K likes.

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Potty-training is hard. Forcing a kid to go when she doesn't want to is nearly impossible. But being kind, supportive and generous is sometimes that easiest and best thing any of us can do.

On behalf of struggling moms everywhere, thank you, Bathroom Stranger! May you be showered with a thousand new bracelets.

Photograph by Facebook

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