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William Shatner Boldly Tweets Kraft So This Family Can Stop Stressing

Photograph by CBC

The Force is with Everett Botwright, a 6-year-old boy with autism, who now has more boxes of mac 'n' cheese than he could ever dream of.

In a Facebook post a week ago, Everett's parents said one of the quirks of their "truly unique little dude" is that he's very selective about what he eats and started paring back his food about three years ago.

"He doesn't eat much, if anything, at all. It's a struggle to get him his essential nutrients, and unlike most kids, no amount of 'tough love' or 'no treats until you eat your veggies' will work to coerce him to expand his diet," wrote dad Reed Botwright.

Relief came when Everett saw the limited-edition "Star Wars"-branded Kraft mac 'n' cheese at a grocery store. Not only was he willing to try it, but he even fell in love with it.

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The problem was, because the mac 'n' cheese was limited-edition, Everett's parents couldn't find anymore at their local stores in Nanaimo, Canada. So they posted a photo of Everett with his last box of mac 'n' cheese on Facebook and Instagram, asking their friends for help.

"Do you know where we can find more? We're desperate! See it in a store? Tell us, and we'll go there! Have some left over? Send it to us, we'll pay! Know someone who works at the Kraft factory? Don't do anything illegal, but if a box just happens to fall off of a truck, I know a redhead who would be very happy … All kidding aside, anything you can do to help is hugely appreciated!"

Photograph by Facebook

Through the power of social media, hundreds of boxes of the limited-edition, "Star Wars" character-shaped pasta were sent to the Botwrights. Many had special messages on them, including notes from kids with hearts and star stickers.

The family has received supportive messages from people around the world, including parents of kids on the autism spectrum.

“They’re giving some us advice, some tips and encouragement, just saying, you know, ‘We were in exactly in the same position as you five years ago and things are just so much better now because we worked at it and it got better,’" Botwright, dad of four, told The Star.

Like a true captain (albeit one from a different franchise), even William Shatner came to the rescue. On Valentine's Day, he tweeted at Kraft Foods: "Can you possibly help? Even if you still have just the shaped macaroni, they can use current product for cheese sauce.”

Real Canadian Superstore, a supermarket chain in Canada, delivered more than 400 boxes of Kraft Dinner over the weekend. And on Wednesday, Kraft said it will ship 144 boxes of the mac 'n' cheese it found sitting in a warehouse in the U.S. to the family.

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The Botwrights are super grateful for the overwhelming response and the caring community this experience has revealed.

"It's been great and I'm loving that Everett is getting some recognition in the community," mom Angela Botwright told CBC. "He's loving it."

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