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Zoe Saldana's Shocking Pregnancy News

Photograph by Instagram

On February 18, Zoe Saldana took to Instagram to announce the birth of her third child—another boy.

Wait, WHAT? Child?! But how?!

The news of baby boy Zen seems to have come as a major surprise to anyone who is not in the 38-year-old actress' inner circle, but is it really all that surprising, given that Saldana likes to keep certain aspects of her life private, thank-you-very-much?

Can we really blame celebrities for guarding the most precious private moments? Of course not, but that doesn’t keep most of us from being nosy AF anyway.

After all, this is the same woman who managed to pull off a secret wedding in 2013 when she married Italian artist Marco Perego. Then when she and Perego were expecting their twins, Cy and Bowie in 2014, she was majorly pissed off when her pregnancy was announced by the media without her go-ahead.

This time around, the media did not scoop Saldana on her big announcement. She got to reveal the arrival of the newest addition to her family directly to her fans—and, as soon as she did, people where like, “Wait, what?!” I mean, it stands to reason that people are curious because Saldana was seen at the Golden Globes on January 8, walking the red carpet without nary a baby bump, which has everyone wondering whether she carried the baby herself, used a surrogate or adopted.

It’s not unheard of for celebrities to keep their pregnancy or adoption news a secret. Alexis Bledel was pregnant and had a baby without the public knowing until her “Gilmore Girls” co-star, Scott Patterson, let it slip. Sandra Bullock adopted on the DL—twice.

Ultimately, it’s none of our business how Saldana's son became her son because her son is her son is her son, no matter what. Still, you can’t blame curious minds for wanting to know more. It’s up to Saldana and her family to decide if they ever want to share that information with the general public.

Saldana reportedly gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy with twins Cy and Bowie but all her recent Instagram photos show her looking as svelte as usual.

But, if you look back through her posts over the last several months, there's only one sign she might have been pregnant ... or maybe she just really likes ice cream? Seems like it could be a pregnancy craving to us.

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