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Singer Attacked Online After Tweeting About Her Stillbirth

Photograph by Instagram

English singer and songwriter Lily Allen quit Twitter this weekend after trolls targeted her for the loss of her first child back in 2010.

The 31-year-old was tweeting about the prejudice immigrants and Muslims face when some Twitter users suggested she had mental health issues.

"I DO have mental health issues," she wrote, sharing she's bipolar and suffers from postnatal depression and PTSD. "Does that make my opinion void?"

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After a fan asked how she got PTSD, Allen (who, by the way, should not have to justify her depression) tweeted, "When I lay in a hospital bed with my deceased son stuck between my legs halfway out of my body for 10 hours."

The cruel comments and mom-shaming kept rolling.

Another user even wrote, "Maybe if you didn’t pump your body full of drugs, you wouldn’t have miscarried." Allen responded that she didn't miscarry. She went into early labor and her son "died from his chord [sic] wrapped round his neck."

It's heartbreaking to see that instead of receiving universal support, Allen had to face many hateful comments, including people calling her a c*nt, someone asking her, "did you not having somewhere else to wrap it?" and another mansplaining that a traumatic birth and death hardly qualifies for PTSD (which is "reserved for war veterans, especially if wrongly imprisoned.")

After the onslaught, Allen announced she was taking a break. And someone named "Dennis" took over her Twitter and started shutting down hateful users through GIFs.

It’s not something that you get over. I held my child and it was really horrific and painful—one of the hardest things that can happen to a person.

In November 2010, Lily Allen gave birth to her stillborn baby boy when she was six months pregnant. A few days later, Allen was rushed to the hospital with septicemia, or blood poisoning, but said the loss of her baby left her so numb she didn't care if she lost her own life.

"It was horrendous and something I would not wish on my worst enemy," Allen said in 2014. “It’s something that I still haven’t dealt with. I never will get over it. I have dealt with it, you know, as being at one with it. But it’s not something that you get over. I held my child and it was really horrific and painful—one of the hardest things that can happen to a person."

Allen, who also suffered a miscarriage in 2008, said she was grateful to have the support of her partner, Sam Cooper. "I was so lucky to have him there because there are so many women who go through it on their own and have to deal with it with no support."

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Allen, who has since had two daughters, wrote about her son in the song "Something's Not Right."

Her voice hauntingly sings, "Something's not right. There aren't many stars in the sky tonight. Something's not right 'cause I know that it's day but it's dark outside. And I feel a weight in my heart tonight."

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