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Companies That Want You To Stay Home With Your Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Most new moms want these basic things: to establish a work-life balance that allows them to spend time with family and friends without having to schedule their lives down to the minute. And also to have a comfortable income. That's all difficult achieve for those who spend half the day sitting in the car in bumper to bumper traffic. Sooooo many hours given over to podcasts and '80s music and mind-numbing boredom.

Enter telecommuting.

Working from home is the American dream—no matter where you live. The benefits are pretty endless, too.

For employers, allowing staff to work from home can greatly impact their bottom line. Think: office space, utilities and overhead costs. Just imagine how much money the boss saves by allowing employees to work offsite.

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Another bonus for companies offering this kind of flexibility is finding new talent. People of all backgrounds and skill sets are looking for jobs that can be done from home. Once you find one, you don't give it up.

But it's not just about the corporate dollar. Working remotely can significantly cut back on employee travel time and expenses In turn, the it will reduce unnecessary stress caused by sitting in an endless sea of traffic while mapping out dinner in your head.

So, where does one find a job like this?

FlexJobs specializes in finding professional telecommuting, part-time, freelance and flexible jobs for people on the hunt. They recently compiled a list of the top 100 employers that offer teleworking. According to FlexJobs, these 20 companies had the most full-time positions available over the past year.

1. UnitedHealth Group

2. Dell

3. U.S. Department of Agriculture

4. Xerox

5. Humana

6. IBM

7. CyberCoders

8. SAP

9. Salesforce

10. IT Pros

11. Allergan

12. Anthem

13. K12


15. CSRA

16. CACI International

17. Kelly Services

18. Wells Fargo

19. Robert Half International

20. CSI Companies

It's a great list, but doesn't cover everything. For example, those seeking more independence might need to get a bit more creative.

Stay-at-home moms are often overlooked by corporate America. The thinking is women can't handle the intensity of pushing paper from side of a desk to the other while a baby sleeps in the other room. Though handling an explosive diaper while juggling laundry may not be a corporate skill, it certainly doesn't make mothers any less valuable to society. In fact, women who do this are exactly who you should want on your team. They're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

On that note, below are some ideas for the SAHM who is not afraid to stretch her work muscle. Note: these are all real jobs that can be lucrative when implemented properly. #Trust

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1. Freelance writer/blogger

2. Social media influencer

3. Corporate coach

4. Consultant

5. Graphic designer

6. Virtual assistant

7. Web designer

8. Photographer

9. Promotional product sales

10. Business analyst

When all else fails, there is always motherhood. The pay is non-existent and it often goes unrewarded, but there is no better employer in the world than those who need you most. It's just a shame they aren’t equipped to write checks.

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