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Jessica Alba Teams Up with Will.i.am for Honest Campaign

Jessica Alba and The Honest Company have teamed up with music producer Will.i.am on its new "Moments" campaign, a series of ads that launched in February and celebrate not only parenthood but also diversity.

Featuring more than a dozen ads ready for broadcast, the campaign shows a mix of actors and "real" families tackling familiar milestones such as birth stories, driving home from the hospital, and the moment your child goes to the potty alone (finally!).

Behind the visuals is a score composed by Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, and it was when he and Alba connected on another project, the upcoming unscripted series from Apple called "Planet of the Apps," that Alba asked the musician for his input.

"It was an honor that she even showed me [the spots] to check out, because I look up to Jessica as far as being a part of entertainment and going into a whole new realm—not as a hired face but a real entrepreneur," Will.i.am told Mom.me at The Honest Company headquarters in Playa Vista, Calif.

Ranging from heart-wrenching to hilarious (we've all been there for our child's first "bold-faced lie"), the spots get personal by focusing on important moments in a parent's life, with each of these tied to an Honest Company product such as diapers or bubble bath. Will.i.am wanted to create a through line with music, connecting all of the moments into a comprehensive whole.

What viewers will also notice in the spots is the diversity within families. That was something Alba wanted to accentuate.

"Growing up in Hollywood and entertainment where diversity is rare, frankly—it’s like you’re token 'this person' or token 'that person' and the best friend—and they sort of fill in those stereotypes," Alba told Mom.me. "That was always so frustrating to me because I grew up in a very diverse home. I have a diverse family. We have a diverse company, and I just felt like now more than ever how important it is to make sure that diversity is being represented."

That's why she says it would be "crazy for [The Honest Company] not to show ourselves that way in our branded campaigns."

Not only that, but as the co-founder of a billion-dollar company as well as the mother of two daughters, Alba also represents serious female power—something Will.i.am doesn't take for granted.

I have a diverse family. We have a diverse company, and I just felt like now more than ever how important it is to make sure that diversity is being represented.

"We had a meeting with Jessica [for 'Planet of the Apps'], and she said a couple of things that [executives] said, 'Boy, she's tough.' And I was like, 'She's perfect,'" Will.i.am recalled. "Because they were expecting a Hollywood person to come in, get dazzled by the gravitas of Apple and not ask real business questions, and she came in and hit them with [real questions.] Her, not her manager."

"You should see his office," Alba quipped about the musician. "There's a lot of girl power in his office."

That's something Will.i.am takes pride in, especially given his own experience.

"I was raised by a woman. My mom, my grandma, my aunt, my other aunt. I come from a dad-less family," he said. "I can't help but to see the awesomeness in women."

And that awesomeness and girl power is something Alba wants to share with her daughters, 8-year-old Honor and 5-year-old Haven.

"I think the most empowering thing you can do for a girl," Alba says, "is for her to take pride in who she is as a person and know that she matters."

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