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Photographer Gets The Best Pictures of Surprise Car Birth

Photograph by Facebook

What are the odds that you'll end up giving birth in the front seat of your car on the way to the hospital? The likelihood of that is about the same as having your husband performing the delivery while a photographer captures it all on film.

That's what happened to one serendipitous couple in Jacksonville, Fla., last week.

The photo was taken in the wee hours of the morning while sitting in the parking lot of St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital. The family’s photographer, Stephanie Knowles, was following close behind as they worked their way toward labor and delivery.

“By about the third contraction, we were on Belfort and I said it was a pushing contraction, and I said ‘Noah you have to catch this baby it's coming,’” said mother, Lauren Strunk.

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“I threw it in park," said husband, Noah, "opened the car door and put her in a better position and about two minutes later and two contractions, we had this guy on her belly."

He recalls Knowles jumping out of her car with a camera.

“She debated whether she should help us or take pictures and she chose the latter.”

According to the photographer, the only adjustment made that day was turning the camera to black and white.

Knowles later posted the image, along with this sweet message to the Jaiden Photography Facebook page where it has since exploded into a viral share.

"At 12:21am an AMAZING mother and INCREDIBLE father delivered their precious baby in the front seat of their car!!!!! I am still in awe of their strength, their sweet baby could not wait another minute to come into this world and his father delivered him within minutes of putting his car in park. No words can describe how amazing it was to watch this miracle, more to come as I was able to capture it all!!!! Birth photographers dream, what a wild night it was. So in love with this family!!!

Welcome to the world sweet babe."

Knowles has since released several captivating images on her Facebook page that have taken the world by storm.

As for the couple's parking lot baby, Noah Parker van Rhyn Strunk is doing just fine. He is happy, healthy and quietly enjoying his new-found fame at home with loving parents who have embraced his parking lot birth.

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"The name (Parker) is an ode to his unconventional birth place," said the father. "We thought it fit."

Personally, I couldn't agree more.

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