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Pregnant Woman's Giraffe Video Is All Of Us at 9 Months Pregnant

Photograph by Twenty20

So this happened: Erin Dietrich, 39 weeks pregnant, posted a video of herself dancing around her South Carolina bedroom over the weekend.

No big deal? Well, she was wearing an oversized giraffe mask and rolled up tank top, which showcased her impressive baby bump.

Since then, her impersonation of pregnant giraffe April has had over 13 million views—and it's still going strong.

Dietrich's obsession with April the Giraffe took a turn toward hilarity on Sunday, when she decided to post the video of herself on Facebook. "All our friends have been making fun of me and my obsession with April," she wrote to one commenter. "So we just thought, 'Hey we should order a giraffe mask.'"

And boy, did she ever.

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While an unusual number of people have kicked back to enjoy Erin's theatrical imitation of the tallest living terrestrial animal on the planet, the rest of the world remains fixated on the REAL April, who is about to give birth to her fourth calf.

April the Giraffe lives at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y., where zoo officials have been live streaming her entire pregnancy on YouTube. Initially, animal activists complained that the stream was in violation of the sites "nudity and sexual content" policies (I know, right?), and YouTube officials agreed to remove it from their feed. But it wasn't long before viewers took notice and voiced their frustration on social media.

After thousands of online protests like these from April's doting fans, YouTube administrators re-enabled the live footage that can be seen below.

Unlike Erin's 40-ish week journey into motherhood, Giraffe pregnancies can last up to 15 months—that's 65 uncomfortable weeks of bloated determination—with labor lasting anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days (feeling, ya, April!). Not only that, but it is estimated that April's little rugrat should weigh in close to 150 lbs. and could be as high as 6 feet tall.

*Gulps* Holy giraffe mask; let THAT wash over you for a moment.

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Although rumors have surfaced of an online baby naming competition, the only thing we found were statistics from a poll that April the Giraffe posted on Twitter back in February.

We found something else, too. It seems as though this giraffe may be giving Dietrich a run for her money in the comedy department. Here is a video she posted of herself last week making eyes at the camera.

As for the Myrtle Beach wisecracking mother of three, baby number four is due to arrive on March 14. Let's hope, for Erin's sake, that her bundle of joy is a lot smaller than April's. And that she'll lose the mask once in labor.

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