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New Mom Amber Tamblyn Knows All Our Thoughts About Breastfeeding

Photograph by Instagram

It’s really no secret that moms love celebrities who are honest about the struggles and realities of motherhood. Being a new mom can alternately be hard, dirty, confusing, hilarious and painful. So when a seemingly perfect star posts a photo or tweets about what’s really going on, it makes us feel just a little bit better. Because, hey, we’re all in this together.

Amber Tamblyn posted a VERY authentic photo last week showing her in a slouchy, torn gray T-shirt covered in milk stains. Oh, how we’ve all been there. Her caption read, “Who Wore It Better? Left tit or right tit?” with the hilarious hashtags #MilkLife and #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!

The post has gotten nearly 15,000 likes and 400 comments, and received national attention. Why? Probably because we’re all pretty tired of projecting the perfect mom image and a real-life look at motherhood is incredibly refreshing.


Who Wore It Better? Left tit or right tit? #MilkLife #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Of course there’s still the stigma of sharing these milestones and accomplishments on social media as the concept behind #normalizebreastfeeding still has major work ahead of it.

For instance, a man commented on Tamblyn’s photo, “If you were pretty or had nice boobs, I’d be very turned on. Sadly, that’s not the case and I need to wash my eyes.”

Apart from being completely rude, this sexualized ideal of breasts in American culture is something that is in direct contrast to the functional and lactating breast. When a woman posts a photo that has to do with breastfeeding, there will inevitably be those who seek to diminish its value by ascribing a sexual connotation to it.

Also, can a mom catch a break? Even famous moms don't look fabulous all the time. Tamblyn has been no stranger to sharing personal moments via Instagram, so we expect to see a whole lot more of the underbelly of motherhood now that she's a mama.


Bob Odenkirk delivers something special to my door tomorrow on Netflix, when our movie GIRLFRIENDS DAY comes out! #GirlfriendsDayMovie

She doesn't look like that every day, though. She actually looks a lot more like us (minus the famous friends).


Sister for life. For real. Forever. #womensmarch


Here I come, DC. Join me for Huffington Post panel "Watch Us Run" today at 2pm at National Press Club and tonight I'll be reading a poem at Planned Parenthood's Pink Ball at 9pm. Starting tomorrow I will be taking over Marie Claire's Instagram account. Follow us for exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from the march: @marieclairemag (Thank you to my sweetheart @lenadunham for this badass Lenny Letter sweater!)

But hopefully, those who support it will far outweigh the naysayers.

Another user who commented on Tamblyn’s photo said, “This perfectly captures breastfeeding in all its glory! Please keep doing what you’re doing @amberrosetamblyn and let’s continue to #normalizebreastfeeding!” The same commenter also shared that she can’t even mention breastfeeding in front of her brother-in-law without getting side eye and a look that says, “OK, that’s enough, we don’t talk about that.” Well, sorry, brother-in-law, but that’s the way motherhood goes and we’ll just say it: #byebreastfeedinghaters.

Raw nipples and leakage are part of breastfeeding, and that’s not something that needs to be hidden. It's just another messy but beautiful part of motherhood that Tamblyn thinks everyone should know about.

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