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Casey Anthony Speaks Publicly For The First Time In 9 Years

Photograph by ABC

Remember Casey Anthony? The narcissistic mother in Florida who walked away from a guilty verdict after her 3-year-old daughter's skeletal remains were found stuffed inside a trash bag and tossed into a wooded area near the family home?

Well, she’s back. But before we tell you why, let’s rehash her story.

It all started on July 15, 2008, when Cindy Anthony, the little girl’s grandmother, placed two separate 9-1-1 calls—the first of which was a request for police to arrest her daughter for stealing money and the family car.

"I have someone here that I need to be arrested … in my home," she demanded, "and I have a possible missing child."

Though the first call did address Caylee's disappearance, the focus seemed to be more on having her daughter arrested. But then, two hours later, she placed a second bone chilling call to police.

"There's something wrong," she cried. "We found my daughter's car today, and it smells like there's been a dead body inside of it."

She goes on to say that Caylee was taken and had now been missing for 31 DAYS!

"My daughter finally admitted that the babysitter stole her," she screams. "I need to find her!"

When later questioned by police, Cindy said that her daughter, Casey, kept giving different excuses whenever asked about Caylee's whereabouts and a mysterious babysitter/nanny was usually to blame.

In a recorded statement, Casey Anthony claimed to have met Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez (aka: "Zanny the Nanny") through a mutual friend whom she worked with at Universal Studios. She told authorities that Gonzalez had been babysitting Caylee for about a year and a half and that she would often drop her daughter off at the woman's apartment. However, police later confirmed that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez never lived in the complex, nor had she ever met her accuser.

Oh look, here's Casey drowning her sorrows while her daughter's body was lying in the trunk of her car was still missing.

Despite repeatedly lying to police and haunting evidence that tied the mother directly to the murder, Anthony somehow managed to convince a jury of her innocence—or rather, provide them with enough reasonable doubt that they had no other choice but to acquit her of the heinous crime. She was released on July 17, 2011, when she became the most hated woman in America, and we haven't heard a peep out of her since—until now.

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In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Casey Anthony spoke freely for the first time in nine years. The article states that Anthony views herself as something of an Alice in Wonderland, with the public as the Red Queen.

"The queen is proclaiming: 'No, no, sentence first, verdict afterward,'" she says. "I sense and feel to this day that is a direct parallel to what I lived. My sentence was doled out long before there was a verdict. Sentence first, verdict afterward. People found me guilty long before I had my day in court."

And yet, she walked away.

Anthony goes on to say, "Cops lie to people every day" and that she is just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied.

"My dad was a cop," she divulges, "you can read into that what you want to."

Though she continues to maintain her innocence; claiming that she still doesn't know what happened to her child, many on Twitter disagree.

And the list goes on.

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The interview ends with Anthony reinforcing her narcissistic ways. "I don't give a shit about what anyone thinks about me, I never will," she says. "I'm OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night."

Meanwhile, the only one that knows the truth about what happened is Caylee Anthony, but her lips—though no longer duct-taped—are permanently sealed.

Guilty or not, it’s hard to imagine any mother sleeping well after this. Unless, of course, she’s a really good liar.

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