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Clear-Knee Mom Jeans? No Thanks

We know '90s fashion is back in style, but some designers are taking it to the limit. If you haven't yet seen these mom jeans making the rounds on Facebook and other social networks, we apologize for being the ones bearing the bad news.

"Cut with a high-waist and a tapered leg," reads the official description on the Topshop website, "they are finished with multiple pockets, classic trims and cool clear knee panel detail. Wear them folded at the cuffs to keep them looking cool."

No. Just no.

These are not mom jeans any mom would actually wear. They're certainly not "fashion." And they're certainly not something we'd spend $95 on. Topshop, have you lost your dang mind?

I mean, WHAT ARE THESE??? Please GTFOH. Do not collect $200. Do not pass go. Nope.

And because the folks on Twitter have no behavior, they had jokes:

We're OK with high-waisted jeans—and even the distressed (aka ripped to shreds) high-waisted boyfriend jeans that our mothers would never buy us in the '90s because "nobody pays extra for clothes with holes." Heck, we'd even wear Khloé Kardashian's mom jeans—despite the $169 price tag—because at least they look respectable. But these? These "mom jeans" are just an insult to moms everywhere.

All we have to say is, "HOW, SWAY? HOW?"

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