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Adele Can't Touch Her Belly Without People Thinking She's Pregnant

Photograph by Instagram

It seems like every month, there's a new pregnancy rumor about Adele. The most recent one started on Sunday when the 28-year-old mom shared a photo of her rehearsing backstage at the ANZ Stadium in Australia.

In the black-and-white photo, Adele is standing in a bathroom and singing with one hand pointing up in the air and her other hand on her belly. But instead of talking about the killer note she was probably hitting in the photo, people obsessed about whether or not she was pregnant all because of where she placed her hand.

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Uhh ... maybe her hand is there because sometimes singers do that to feel their breath? Or maybe it's one of her favorite concert stances? Or maybe she just, you know, put her hand there for no reason?

Later, during her concert, Adele clapped back and told the audience:

"All I ever read was those terrible trashy gossip celebrity magazines, which are not that enlightening because normally they’re all fucking full of bullshit anyway. I can’t even read them anymore because they’re normally writing bullshit about me. It’s devastating. But anyway. I swear to God, it’s all lies. It’s all lies, unless you hear it from my mouth."

And then, in the most absolute F-U to all the rumor-spreaders, she stuck up her middle finger and said, "That’s what I’ve got to say."

Her gesture and words were met with huge cheers from the crowd.

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This was not the first time Adele squashed pregnancy rumors on stage. In August, she joked she discovered the cheese counter at Bristol Farms and said, "I'm having a cheese baby, that's what's going on."

Now, can we all finally leave Adele's reproductive system alone?

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