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Sister Slams Brother's Deadbeat Dad in Epic Princess Cake Battle

If a man chooses not to be a father (despite having children of his own), his opinions on raising them are null and void and, any parental rights he would have had are given to those committed to raising that child.


Yes, I am. And it's a good thing this little boy had a big sister who was willing to stand up and teach her brother's dad a thing or two about diplomacy.

When Shawna Mills shared the following message about her 4-year-old son's decision to change his birthday cake theme from Lego to Princess Peach, it ruffled a few manly feathers.

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The boy's father was quick to comment on Facebook, commenting, "It's just wrong." But Aniston, Mills's daughter, wasted no time putting him in his place.

"I'm pretty sure judging a 4 year old's interests while simultaneously being an uninvolved parent is more wrong than a little kid liking Princess Peach."

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She then took to Twitter, where those witnessing the paternal debacle were in complete agreement.

Aniston's mom even chimed at one point, offering to help someone who shared a similar experience.

Eventually, the boy's father caught wind of Aniston's comments on social media and unleashed a private fury of his own via text message to her mom. Obviously, he doesn't know much about their relationship either, because he sure didn't forsee what was about to happen.

When it was over, Shawna took a screenshot of the entire exchange and sent it to her daughter who, in turn, shared it with the rest of the world.

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Photograph by imgur
Photograph by imgur

And "been here," she has—fighting the good fight with Mom.

As for the deadbeat dad in question, it's not Aniston's fault that his ignorance went viral. It's his for not keeping his birthday wish for his son to himself.

When it comes to parenting, the most important thing is the welfare of the child. If they are happy, healthy and free from danger—for crying out loud—let them eat cake, even if that cake doesn't align with your gender specific guidelines.

And just for the record, this rule only applies to those (parents) who actively participate in a child's life. The rest of you deadbeats can suck it!

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