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Toddler May Need Surgery After Vacuum Cleaner Injury

Photograph by Facebook

The mother of a toddler is warning parents through a post on Facebook to look out for a household danger she had no clue could wreak such damage.

Jade Bishop had been vacuuming while her 16-month-old son Theo played nearby, in their Bristol, U.K., home. The curious boy sometimes likes to push the Dyson while his mom runs the wand over the floor and in corners. After the pair finished the job, she dutifully turned to unplug the machine. Before she could yank the cord, Theo had already turned the interesting—and notably forceful—machine back on.

And he was screaming.

"[I] yank the plug from the wall and he has managed to put his thumb in the bottom of the dyson where the bristles spin at a crazy speed," she explained in a Facebook post she said she was, at first, ashamed to write. She worried about looking like a terrible mom but decided it was more important for others to know of the dangers. "I go to him quicker than I ever have to see he's got a nasty-looking burn on his hand! I get him straight to the minor injuries unit (crying my eyes out, panicking), thinking we would be dressed, bandaged and sent on our way to heal!"

Photograph by Facebook

The boy was referred to hospital burn specialists and a plastic surgeon. He had suffered fourth-degree burns and would need bandages, appointments with specialists every three days and, possibly, eventual skin grafts, due to exposed tendons.

All of it from no more than five seconds with his thumb in her Dyson vaccum cleaner.

Photograph by Facebook

Theo will be fine and is feeling better already. His mom, though, wants everyone to know of the potential injuries she'd never before imagined.

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