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The Most Amazing Thing Ever Invented for Lego-Lovers

Photograph by Twenty20

Just about everybody's kids love Legos. And if your little ones are super creative, they sometimes try to put Legos in places they don't really go. Now, thanks to a new product, you'll be able to build sideways and upside-down from any surface with Legos, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most other similar toy building-block brands.

Nimuno Loops are adhesive strips that have the signature building block look and can be cut, stuck somewhere, and then easily removed or repositioned. And this toy block tape is seriously awesome. It's flexible so you can bend and shape it however you like.

The company started a campaign on IndieGoGo seeking $8,000 (with two incremental "stretch goals" of $12,000 and $16,000) to produce these awesome building block adhesive strips. The campaign ends in mid-April, but they've already surpassed all their goals ... by more than 12,100 percent.

With nearly 27,000 people backing the project, Nimuno Loops has already raised close to $1 million, with rewards estimated to ship beginning in July. Backers can choose anywhere from 2 rolls (6.5 feet total length) to 100 rolls (328 feet total) in red, blue and green building strips.

And while this cool invention is not associated with or endorsed by the official Lego brand, they're definitely something that could change the way our kids play.

Check out the video on how they work:

Now if they could just invent something to prevent us from stepping on Legos (or at least to make it painless), we'd be golden.

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