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So, Spas for Newborns Are a Thing Now

Photograph by Instagram

Babies really have it good. They get to eat, sleep, play and get waited on hand and foot, while parents shower them with love. As if life couldn't get any better, newborns can now also have their very own spa day—at around $65 an hour.

The concept of the baby spa was first started by competitive swimmer and swim teacher Laura Sevenus, who thought giving babies exposure to water at an early age was important and worked for over 40 years to provide a safe water-based environment for little ones. Baby Spa now has franchises in South Africa, London, Spain and, most recently, Australia.

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The Australian spa is headed by sisters Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar, who have had more than 3,500 babies, ages 2 days old to 6 months old, visit the spa in Perth so far. Each session includes about 10 minutes (at first visit) to 30 minutes (subsequent visits) of hydrotherapy for babies. They float and exercise in light, doughnut-shaped flotation devices called BUBBY, which are designed to safely support baby's neck, and in temperature-controlled water. To follow, trained nurses and staff give them and an infant massage. Baby's perfect peaceful oasis is rounded out with specially selected music and lighting throughout.

What's the point, you ask? "The warmth and pressure of the water is similar to the comfort and security of the womb. ... They once again feel as if they are back in the nurturing environment from which they came," the site says.

Yap, who is a new mom and massage expert, tells the Huffington Post that health benefits also include muscle growth, improved sleep, increased lung capacity and relieving wind and digestive discomfort.

Whether or not it's worth the cost, one thing's certain: These babies sure do look happy.

So ... while they pamper baby, can mom get her own spa day, too?

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