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This Might Be the Most Elaborate Gender Reveal Ever

Photograph by Facebook

People have pulled some really crazy stunts to reveal their baby's gender to family and friends—everything from balloons popping out of a box, to cakes, confetti canons and exploding baseballs.

And the fails? There have been so many baby gender reveal fails! Some have been because parents screwed it up, and others because the vendors they hired to help them with cake or balloons—or other methods to put on a big display—totally misunderstood what a gender reveal was and messed it up for them.

But when a gender reveal surprises and delights your family, well, it's worth all the work!

One dad took his reveal very seriously, setting up an elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque contraption that is truly one for the books. And it's not so much the gender of the baby that matters with this incredible gender reveal—it's the commitment to detail for the spectacular show. It took three entire days to set up!

With their first baby, they hadn't intended to find out the gender before the birth, but their doctor slipped up and accidentally told them. So they figured if they got a second chance, they were going to do it big.

Their impressive setup has been viewed more than 11 million times and shared nearly 95,000 times just a week after posting it on Facebook. You REALLY have to see it.

The most important question we have: How the heck did they keep their toddler from messing this up?! In any case, they have our respect for this incredibly creative gender reveal.

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