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Dad's Shirt Trick Immediately Stops Baby From Crying

Photograph by Youtube

Being away from their babies, even just for a moment, can be tough on many new moms and their little ones. When a mom left her 3-month-old at home with dad to run errands, the baby would not stop crying.

"Our 3-month-old is a real mama's boy," the San Francisco dad, Eli Spector, wrote on Newsflare. "Another dad-friend of mine suggested placing one of mom's dirty shirts from her hamper on his face, so he could recognize the smell and calm down."

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So Spector tried it, and gave one of his wife's dirty shirt to the baby. And to his amazement (and ours), the baby smelled it, cuddled it and immediately relaxed.

"I hope this video is shared enough to help another dad out of a fussy situation with their little one,"Spector said.

It makes sense that baby would be soothed by mom's smell. Just think about how a specific smell, whether it's a unique chocolate chip cookie recipe or a certain perfume, can instantly remind you of a person. For babies, this bond between them and their mom is a powerful one. Research has shown that mom's smell is wired into babies' brains early in life. In one test, infants who were separated from their moms at maternity wards stopped crying when they were exposed to the gown their mom wore. Even at birth, newborns are attracted to the odors in mom's breast and have been known to naturally crawl up to them.

"Mommy scent is soothing because the emotions associated to Mama become attached to her scent such that her scent acts as an emotional proxy for Mama herself," writes Rachel Herz, the author of "The Scent of Desire."

Watch the amazing trick in action:

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