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This Video About Twin Brothers Is Making Everyone Ugly Cry

Photograph by Facebook

National Siblings Day may be over, but the Special Olympics and Y&R México created a video that families won't soon forget.

In the ad, called "Born Apart," we follow twin brothers from birth. One has Down syndrome and the other doesn't.

"The only difference between them is 4.36 seconds," the video says.

Their journeys are almost identical as we watch them crawl together and grow together. There's even a dose of healthy sibling competition when they later train together. All throughout, the twins' bond shines bright, and the video ends in a heartwarming explosion of emotions (we'll leave it for you to experience).

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The Special Olympics started because of a sisterly bond between two Kennedy siblings. Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the organization to advocate for people like her sister, Rosemary Kennedy, who was mistreated and isolated.

"Early in life, Rosemary was different," Shriver wrote in 1962. "She was slower to crawl, slower to walk and speak than her two bright brothers. My mother was told she would catch up later, but she never did."

Kennedy was forced to undergo a lobotomy at the age of 23 and spent her life in a mental institution.

"It fills me with sadness to think this change might not have been necessary if we had known then what we know today—that 75 to 85 percent of the retarded are capable of becoming useful citizens with the help of special education and rehabilitation," Shriver wrote.

This latest commercial, directed by Goya award-winning director Kike Maíllo, was inspired by the story of two tween brothers.

"(They) have competed since they were kids to be number one and who exemplify the spirit of sports," said Saul Escobar, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R Mexico. "We believe that people must break their prejudices (and) see the young athletes who participate in the Special Olympics as an inspiration."

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The video struck home for families worldwide, and many shared their stories and photos of twins.

"I would love to thank the special person who created this video—I have watched it over and over—(It truly) reflects our home with our twin boys, one who has DS, thank you again !!!" writes one mom.

"Oh for goodness' sake, I even knew what was coming and it still got me. Love!!❤" writes another commenter.

"My twin brother AJ suffers from low-functioning autism. We're both 24 and only a few minutes apart (he pushed me out, since I was only 3 pounds #premielife). I can't believe a story like mine has been told on such a national scale! Love you, Special Olympics! I'm seriously crying :')" shares another.

Now that you're emotionally prepared, here's the video. And don't worry if you still end up sobbing anyway. At least 6 million people have ugly cried with you.

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