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Flight Crew Helps Mom of 4 in Unexpectedly Sweet Way

Photograph by Twenty20

When a mother of four small boys—two of them hungry infants—boarded a Finnair flight and was immediately overwhelmed, the flight crew stepped in to help her out. Finally! A positive story about air travel! But who helped her out is part of what makes this story so sweet.

According to The Independent, Captain Tom Nystrom offered to hold one of the babies in his lap and feed him a bottle. (And before everyone freaks out, Nystrom was traveling on the flight as what's known as "positioning crew"—where airline employees are traveling as passengers on one flight to work on another flight or return back to home base or another location.) When the baby became cranky, Nystrom handed the baby back to his mom and held the other one. Nystrom told Inside Edition that being a dad himself helped him understand what the mother was going through.

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Flight attendant Ami Niemela snapped a photo for her Instagram account, adding, “Naturally one cannot travel with two babies on one’s lap, so we had to solve the dilemma of [a] missing lap, otherwise it would have been a no-go for mom and the kids.”

Finnair was quick to praise Captain Nystrom: “Kudos to our purser @finami & pilot Tom! Story about a pilot looking after a baby is simply adorable,” Finnair tweeted from its official account.

With such personal customer services, it’s not surprising that Finnair was awarded the Best European Airline at the TTG Travel Awards in March for the second consecutive year.

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