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New Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Is as Legendary as It Sounds

Photograph by Starbucks

Leave it to Starbucks to know when to board the food trend train. After seeing the rise of unicorn-themed food and drinks, the ubiquitous fueling station for parents has brewed its own magical concoction: the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Unlike unicorns, this is real. And it changes colors.

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The window to get your own Unicorn Frapp is pretty small, as it's only available starting today, April 19, until Sunday, April 23 (while supplies last) in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

What the heck is a Unicorn Frappuccino anyway?

The crème Frappuccino is made with a mysterious blend of sweet dusting pink powder, mango syrup and sour blue drizzle and topped off with vanilla whipped cream, and more pink and blue powder. According to the company's press release, the drink starts off purple with swirls of blue and has a sweet and fruity taste. The more you stir it, the more the beverage turns into a pink color with tangy and tart flavors.

I feel cavities forming just looking at it.

If you don't have a sweet tooth, you might want to pass on the Unicorn. A tall version made with whole milk and topped with whipped cream has 280 calories, 11 grams of fat and 39 grams of sugar (FDA recommends having no more than 50 grams of sugar a day).

Does it even have coffee in it?

If you don't believe in living the caffeine-free life (because how will you get through the day?!), the Unicorn Frapp is also not for you because it doesn't contain coffee. We know: blasphemy! But on the plus side, maybe this is a new dessert to bribe the kids with? Just saying.

And if you're not unicorn'd out yet, here are some photos of other unicorn-inspired food and drinks because ... why not?

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