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This Diaper Bag Hack Is Going to Change Your Life

Photograph by Twenty20

Remember how excited you were when you first found out you were going to be a mom? Everything was a thrill—even the thought of schlepping a diaper bag around instead of a purse. Some of us (me) even went so far as to pick up a cute little (lie; it was enormous) leather bag that weighed more than her head just so people would think it was a purse.

But enough about my worries, let's talk about yours.

Even if you were to stick to the basics and only carry around what you needed, that's still a lot of little things for one person to manage. What if I told you that someone—the mother of all geniuses—has created a way to organize that mother load?

California mom and artist at Painted Dragon Elizabeth Burchiel recently shared her amazing accidental diaper hack on Facebook and moms everywhere are in awe of her ingenuity.

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"So I have to share this really cool diaper bag hack I accidentally discovered," she writes. "I know it's not face-painting related, but I'm pretty sure I have a few moms following that could use this. I also dropped a roll of doggie bags in the bottom for dirty diaper and clothes."

Brilliant, and she's not even done.

After sharing her initial design, she threw in a few new features and updated her post.

She begins her second announcement in all caps—"IMPROVEMENTS MADE"—and then goes on to describe the upgrades in detail.

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"Poked 8 strategically placed holes, strung them with embroidery floss, and tied the headband to the inside. Then dotted the knots with super glue so they would hold for longer. Then if the rubber band breaks or gets too old, it can be easily replaced with a new one. I also put a roll of doggie bags in there for disposal and keeping the soiled clothes in."

And there it is; so simple, a newborn could do it. OK, maybe a gifted baby, but still.

One of the most challenging things a new mother faces is how in the hell she's going to carry around all that newborn crap without completely losing her mind. And we're not just talking about what’s inside of those diapers. Sadly, we need all of those things (i.e., diapers, wipes, butt biscuit cream, bottles, formula, extra onesies and so on) to survive a new-baby apocalypse. If there were a way (which now, thanks to Burchiel, there is) to store all of these components into one, compact space, then why hasn’t anyone branded it yet?

My prediction? Burchiel’s diaper hack-bag is about to undergo some aesthetically pleasing changes and make her a very rich woman.

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