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The Children's Book Rap That Will Blow Your Mind

Photograph by Twenty20

Any parent who has ever had to read a children's book more than once knows that things can get a little ... well, boring. It's not that we don't love reading those books to our little ones (we do!) but just that sometimes the task can get a little monotonous and repetitive.

Of course, one sure-fire way to make things fun again is to do funny voices and accents as you read the usual bedtime story. But now there's an even better way to make the old new again: have Ludacris rap the book!

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The rapper, who made a career in the early 2000s with hits such as "What's Your Fantasy" and "Act a Fool," has set a new bar for parents everywhere when he recently freestyle rapped the text of the kids' bedtime story "Llama Llama Red Pajama" on the radio.

During a recent episode of Power 106's "The Cruz Show," the rapper, actor and father of four created a brand-new take on Anna Dewdney's classic bedtime story. It's difficult not to sway to the music as he masterfully reads the book to the beat, rapping and filling our hearts with glee through every word. It's even tougher not to have a giant smile on your face as you listen to the catchy take on a favorite tale.

This rendition has mostly left us wondering whether he freestyles like this whenever he reads to his own kids at home.

Of course, this isn't the first (and we hope certainly not the last!) musically inclined and funny version of a children's classic. It turns out that Ludacris is only the latest in a string of artists who have attempted to rap the book in a recurring segment where the host of "The Cruz Show" hands a rapper a copy of the book to read over a beat, according to The Huffington Post.

Memorable renditions have previously come from Desiigner, Jeezy and Migos. And, of course, who can forget the hysterical video of Samuel L. Jackson reading a copy of "Go the F**k to Sleep"?

It would appear that the answer to make life a little more fun (and a little more enjoyable) when reading the same thing over and over again is to add a little rap to it.

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Ludacris once famously asked us what our fantasy is and, these days, our fantasy is clearly a little different. Please oh please, Mr. Bridges, won't you head to the recording studio for more readings of our favorite bedtime stories?

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