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Girl Gives a Dad Makeover and It's Fleek AF

Photograph by Twenty20

It is no secret that dads enjoy napping. It's like they have mechanical springs on their eyelids that break whenever the dialogue progresses from sports to reality. And, no matter what you do to get their attention, they remain in a deep state of nauseating hibernation until someone changes the channel back to ESPN.

Enter: Twitter user Breeanna of Buckeye, Ariz.

Recently, while her father, Eddie, caught up on some Z's, she opted to give him a lesson in humility by renovating his entire face and posting a—now viral—video of it online.

"Oh my god I am dying of laughter," she shared on Twitter, after reshaping his eyebrows to compliment his metallic gold eyeshadow embellishment.

And who could blame her? Humiliation is the best!

Back in the old days (last week), we had a rule that stated: Anyone who passes out at a party is subject to extreme sharpie makeovers and ridicule. That rule applied to everyone, including dear old Dad.

Sorry, Eddie. You kind of asked for it.

Breeanna completes her mission by adding a few highlights, along with some contour, lipstick and—WAIT FOR IT—fake eyelashes. Hell, she even threw in a little face-baking to set his new look. ALL WHILE DAD REMAINS SLEEPING.

When he finally does come to, it is with extreme confusion and a fine sense of humor.

"I can't open my eyes. Did you glue them together?"

No, Dad, but she probably took it into consideration before sharpening her eyebrow pencil. He then gets up, looks in the mirror and admits that he looks rather pretty. Who could argue with that? Certainly not her followers.

Photograph by Twitter

I'm with CabballeroJisoo on this one. Why does no one bother to give us moms a makeover when WE pass out? #momproblems

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