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Mom Kicked Out of Store's Restroom for Breastfeeding

Photograph by Twenty20

OK, people, these mom shaming stories are getting real old. Breastfeeding moms have been driven out of doctor's offices, stores, churches and even conferences meant to empower women. Turns out, nursing in a restroom is somehow offensive, too.

Though she didn't have to, Utah mom Ana Davis decided step off the Nordstrom Rack floor and get some privacy in the women's restroom to breastfeed her 1-month-old daughter, Mia. But just a few minutes after finding an open chair, she was approached by an employee saying a complaint had been made. The employee asked her to move to a fitting room.

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Apparently someone was too uncomfortable to do their business while Davis was nursing. Seriously? Is feeding an infant such an offensive and shameful act that adults have to intervene?

Davis didn't want to put up a fight, so she stopped feeding her baby and moved to the fitting room as requested.

"We as a society are OK with low-cut shirts or advertisements of underwear model, and that's OK, but a nursing mother to a lot of people is just very offensive," Davis tells KSL. "It was a little embarrassing at first. I didn't feel like I did anything wrong by nursing."

Her husband, Joel Davis, reached out to Nordstrom after hearing about how the situation was handled.

"It provokes the question, 'Why did it make sense to ask a nursing mother to leave the privacy of a bathroom?'" he said. "Why did that make more sense than to explain well, 'It is a bathroom?'"

Nordstrom apologized to Davis and also provided a statement to KSL:

"We were so disappointed to hear Mrs. Davis say this was her experience when she visited our store, and we've followed up directly with her and her husband to apologize. We want every customer to feel comfortable while they’re shopping with us, particularly nursing mothers. Though we’re always happy to offer a fitting room if a mom is looking for additional privacy, our employees should never ask a nursing mom to move. We've looked into this and confirmed each of our employees knows that mothers are able to nurse in our store wherever they're most comfortable."

Last Friday, another mom made headlines after a manager asked her to "cover up with a towel or something." The mom, Avery Lane, was breastfeeding her 2-month-old son at an H&R Block on a military post. And she had the best response, "No but I have a muslin if you would like to cover your face. You must not know Georgia's breastfeeding laws."

And this week another breastfeeding mom, Annie Peguero, was asked to leave her seat at church when she tried to nurse her agitated baby without a cover. Peguero responded on Facebook Live and said when she declined going to a private baby room, she was told the church was streaming online and didn't allow breastfeeding without a cover because it didn't want to make men and new churchgoers uncomfortable.

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"I never leave to go anywhere to feed my baby. I just feel that it 's important to feed her whenever and wherever," Peguero said. "If you don't want to cover, then don't cover. ... Don't change your behavior because you're worried about what somebody else thinks. ... Breastfeeding is normal."

Wow, what a week.

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