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The Kind of Kid Love We All Hope For (But NEVER For This Reason)

Photograph by Twenty20

You may remember Amy Krouse Rosenthal for her viral Modern Love column, "You May Want to Marry My Husband," that devastated the internet and was published 10 days before her death from ovarian cancer. You may remember her as a prolific writer of more than 30 books, including children's books such as "I Wish You More" and "Duck! Rabbit" and her memoir, "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life." Or maybe you remember her for her unique and serendipitous projects, like compiling more than 800 good luck messages from others and sending them to sea.

For Paris Rosenthal, remembering her late mother has become a daily act. Paris decided to continue one of her mother's project on Instagram, known as her 1, 2, 3 Project, but with a twist. Before her death, Rosenthal challenged herself to post a new list of three every day at 1:23 p.m. Her goal was to get to 123 days, but she only made it to day 61. Rosenthal ended the project when she realized "there are other things I need to be tending to, creating and focusing on with my limited time."

Photograph by Instagram

So Paris, who has seen and helped her mother's project grow, decided to finish the last 62 days @akr.par and fill the feed with photos that fully embody Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

"I will acknowledge AKR in some way everyday for the rest of my life, and this is the first step of my journey in doing so," Paris writes on Instagram.

Paris really is her mother's daughter, from their matching silver thumb rings to the small tattoos they both have on their right ankles. Coded in their DNAs are their similar approaches to relationships, their knack for organization and even the way they drink coffee (super hot and with almond milk).

"I was home alone, staring out the window, which happened to be the windowsill in which a mini version of Amy wearing a button dress, holding a yellow umbrella, made out of yarn rested. ... No longer able to touch or see my mom anymore, this moment wholeheartedly ignited something within me," Paris writes in a post on Today. "My project is about sharing our relationship with the world, it’s about letting everyone know how I feel about her. It’s about representing all that encompasses the Rosenthal family. And it’s about tangibly acknowledging my mom in some way everyday. It’s the only way I know how to get through this."

It's hard not to get choked up as you scroll through Paris' posts and memories of her mother. She includes little notes of love and texts from Rosenthal, family memories, book signings and motifs of the iconic yellow umbrella.

There are now less than 20 days until day 123. But no doubt, Rosenthal's extraordinary life will continue to inspire well beyond.

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